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Are you wondering why there is even a standard baby crib mattress size? First off all there is a standard size for good reason and you should not attempt to mess around with it. The reason why there is a standard baby crib mattress size is simply because cribs come is a standard size and it is much easier for a manufacturer to beach mattress beach pad just make one size as opposed to many different sizes. Most people think that children can sleep on any size mattress and in reality they can but where the problem lies is in the gap that occurs in the mattress and the crib siding. The reason this is a problem is because there are far too many times where young children will get stuck in the gap and this could cause serious injury if not something far worse.

If you have a young child then you want to make sure that the mattress is pushed firmly against all sides of the crib to ensure your childÂ’s safety. I know that I have told you about why there is a standard baby crib mattress size but have not told you what that size is yet. Since parents need to know all there is to know about their children and what they will be using I want to make sure you know what the baby crib mattress size is and why. The standard size for a crib mattress is 52 inches long, 28 inches wide and normally 6 inches thick.

The reason for this odd measurement is because cribs are made at 60 inches long and 36 inches wide. To accommodate room for the siding and the outer rails each side has to be made 4 inches smaller than the outer most area of the crib. So as you can see there is a reason for the standard size and it is far more important than just make the manufacturers job easier.